Water Damage Photo Gallery

Does your Carpet need Cleaned after Water Damage?

Have you ever walked into a room after there was a water problem and smelled that musty smell? If that happens to you, give SERVPRO of West Evansville a call and we will come clean your carpets to get rid of that smell! 

Our Production Manager and Owner Discussing Business

At our Tradeshow Jon Michael and Leonard are discussing our equipment used for water damages and storms in West Evansville Indiana. Each year we get to speak with the people that make our equipment and find out more about the product. 

Is it Really Dry?

Bathtub overflow? Sink have a leak? After small water damages you may think they moping up the water on the surface leaves you in the clear, but sometimes water can penetrate deep into surfaces. When this happens the surfaces will feel dry but the core of the materials is still wet. SERVPRO of West Evansville uses meters to see if the materials are truly dry.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can not only improve the look of your home or business, but it could also improve your health. Carpet fibers can hold dust, dirt and animal dander causing asthma and allergies to flair up. In other words, a carpet cleaning from SERVPRO of West Evansville will leave your home cleaner and healthier. Our highly skilled and trained technicians will deep clean your carpets in your home or business, not only cleaning them so that your carpets look and smell better but so they are sanitized in order to help improve daily living.  Call us today to schedule your carpet cleaning. 

We are a Family Here!

We love to treat our team with a pizza break lunch here and there. Our culture is so important at SERVPRO of West Evansville and our team building is a crucial part of our success. 

Our crews occasionally work day and night especially during a huge storm. We are beyond thankful for everyones hard work and determination. 

SERVPRO of West Evansville is HERE!

SERVPRO is here and ready to serve West Evansville ! Our team is trained and ready to help those in need with a water damage in their home or business.

Call SERVPRO of West Evansville today 812-465-2500 

SERVPRO of West Evansville and State Farm

SERVPRO of West Evansville spends a lot of time educating insurance offices on fire and water restoration and clean up. We want to give insurance offices every bit of information that we can so they can better serve their customers.